LightScribe Toolbox Testimonials 

I would just like to say a big thank you to all my customers who have taken the time to contact me.

I really appreciate the many kind comments I have received regarding our LightScribe software and the service we offer our customers.

Below are a few more to add to the ones on the main LightScribe Software page.

Thanks again to everyone...

LightScribe Steve 


LightScribe Software Testimonial

Hi Steve,


Thanks for following up....nice touch....good service. 



I just purchased a new computer (Win7) and spent most of yesterday setting up and installing stuff. This morning I needed to burn a disc label and realized that my program was gone with the old machine so I went looking.



I tried several sources for a free program (just the basics) and all were fraught with problems. Maybe had something to do with the fact that I'm running a 64 bit OS ...anyway, I stumbled on your site and thought what the hell......



Everything went smoothly, I think mainly because (I'm an old guy) and followed the installation instructions to a T. My first label is in the ‘oven’ right now and burning away.



I'm not new to Lightscribe. Been using it for several years as an attachment to Nero (not sure what version). Wasn't overly happy with that route but was really looking for a basic FREE program for the new computer, to let me do labels (professional looking).



When I came across your 'suite' at such a reasonable price (plus I liked your personal touch), I simply went for it. I have a lot more playing to do but so far it's great.



Dave Christianson   

Thunder Bay , Ontario

LightScribe Software Testimonial


I got tired of trying to get this drive to work. I returned to the store, and exchanged it for a Memorex drive.


I want to thank you for your time and commitment to your product.

It is unusual in this day to get a response to software/hardware problems, but you responded when it obviously was not your problem.

Thanks again. 

David Derrickson
Chicago - USA

LightScribe Software Testimonial

Hi Steve,

Many thanks for the Toolbox CD, it was a dream to use. I have installed it on both my XP and Vista machines.

The software is easy to use and at present I am waiting for the lightscribe DVDs I have ordered to arrive, Verbatim as you advised.

Again many thanks.


Bernard Riley
London, England


LightScribe Software Testimonial

Hi Steve

I congratulate you on how you have put your software together, makes it so simple even for a novice like myself.

I have played around with some other software's only to be disappointed with the results.

I downloaded all of the toolbox and printed my first very high quality label all within 30 minutes.

Great job Steve, I will certainly recommend your software to my friends as I now can show them evidence that LightScribe can and does work.

Just for your information I use an ASUS LightScribe burner and must say does an excellent job.

Thanks again Steve, I will have no hesitation in recommending you.

At $17 it's a bargain at that price.

Kind regards,

Hamish Mackenzie
Victoria - Australia


LightScribe Software Testimonial

Dear Steve,

You were right about the Nero Cover Design software.

I wasted 2 full days trying to get it to work to no avail. I emailed Nero but no answer.

Your lightscribe software works as advertised.


Robert L. Nida
Texas - USA


LightScribe Software Testimonial


Dear Steve,

I really appreciate the refund - I never expected it - Sir you are a gentleman!

It was my fault that I did not realise the lightscribe software was only for Windows.

If ever you produce some lightscribe software which is Mac compatible, please put me at the top of your mailing list.

Very many thanks again,


James Lamb
Lincoln - England

LightScribe Software Testimonial

Hi Steve

I have followed all of your detailed instructions and - UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!

I am currently burning my first disc with your software and really have a tough time finding words to describe how much I like the software.

I will have to play with it a bit to get the max out of the program.

It is definitely all that you said it would be. I definitely do not regret purchasing the Toolbox.

Thanks again I am glad I decided to email you again in search of the software.

You have my full permission to use my comments on your website if you so wish!!! I will be recommending it to my friends!!!!


Maurice Cote
Prince George - Canada


LightScribe Software Testimonial


Having been involved with computers since they were valve (tube?) based I have developed a healthy cynicism for anything computer related.

I retired five years ago and now only use computers for housekeeping in a couple of organisations with which I have more recently become involved, However I believe that my software is still being used for European distribution of the 'New England Journal of  Medicine'  (Boston Massachusetts.)

This week has been a revelation - I have bought two items of low-cost, high-value software, both of which installed without any problem, worked first time and performed their tasks well as described.

Clearly, yours is one of these items and I thank you for that. At this price if it works at all there is no complaint, if it doesn't then it isn't expensive enough to get really unhappy. However, when it works as well as this; that is a real bonus.

Thanks again, I wish you luck with this venture - even at this price I would hope that future sales will provide you with significant rewards.

Best Regards,

John Traves
Birmingham - England


LightScribe Software Testimonial

Hi Steve,

I bought LightScribe software from you last week.

Following up on my initial comments to you at that time I felt it important to inform you that the software is still working perfectly without any hitches. I am extremely pleased with it.

The price was fantastic.

When I think of the time I spent before purchasing your software trying to get my LightScribe DVD optical drive to work with LightScribe.

After trying what the big boys in software had to offer, and the time devoted to getting it to work I thought it would never happen.

I just followed all the instructions you provided with the downloads and everything burst into life.

Thanks again. Looking forward to when colour becomes available. 

Warren Allen
Bridgend - Wales


LightScribe Software Testimonial

Hi Steve

Wow, you are quick.

PayPal has already credited me for the $17...great service.

I sure wished I had the abilities to use your software.


Vern Drechsler - USA

(Note: Vern did not have a LightScribe Enabled Drive)


 LightScribe Software Testimonial

Hi Steve

Your software pack is one of a kind......MAGIC.

I would like to take the opportunity of thanking you very much for your patience, help and support.

Without it, nothing would have happened.

It was wonderful doing business with you and I shall let people know of this outcome.

I will be more than happy recommending you and your product to anyone I encounter needing it.

In life one gets very few good customer services, and this is one of them for me.

Many thanks once again.

Best wishes. 

Abdi Maie
London - England


LightScribe Software Testimonial


Hi Steve,  


Your LightscribeToolbox CD is GREAT! 


I have everything up and running good now. Your Toolbox makes using LightScribe MUCH easier. 


I think you might do very well if you sold your Toolbox on eBay, they have everything relating to LightScribe on there but nothing to help you use it like your Toolbox, just a thought. 


Thanks Steve.


Ralph Raisanen 

Morocco  Indiana - USA  


LightScribe Software Testimonial

Dear Steve

I recently purchased your software. I did not know what to expect, but for the money it was worth a shot.

I was pleasantly surprised at the ease and quality of the product and would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone looking for the best.

Why so cheap? - No forget I said that!

I received Nero with my LightScribe drive and was surprised to find that it was no help at all with the disc labelling - like you said in your eBook.

Again thanks. 

Peter Williams
Birkenhead - England


LightScribe Software Testimonial


I will definitely reach out to you for guidance and recommendations when needed in the future.

Your desire to serve customers regardless of whether or not a sale of your product is involved is tremendous.

Your approach to customer service should be the benchmark that all other companies follow.

Feel free to publish my comments in any way that benefit your product and company.

Best Regards, 

Ed Hauber - USA
Dir. of Sales
Volicon, Inc.


LightScribe Software Testimonial




Congratulations on producing a very useful and valuable software package. 


Something without which the integrated features in my drive would be all but absolutely useless thanks to questionable companion HP software that arrived with it. 




Dirk Venter

Vancouver - Canada


LightScribe Software Testimonial


Hi Steve,


I tried your software tonight, worked as advertised.


First I uninstalled all the original LightScribe software like you said, then installed yours in the order you instructed and watched your video.


My first disk came out looking great, thank you very I like your sense of humor.  I have already told a couple of friends about your software.



Mark Grigsby - USA



 LightScribe Software Testimonial

Hello Steve,

Thank-you for the kind words and the terrific update to LightScribe :)

I received the disc two days after you sent it! Pretty impressive!!

All the very best to you and yours and thank-you for all your hard work creating this one of kind "LightScribe Toolbox" 

It is truly a wonderful product and I very highly recommend it to everyone!

I trust that you are well and may your product be a world wide smashing success!!!

One very satisfied customer. 

All the very best to you Steve, 


Peter Handley

Chilliwack,  British Columbia



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LightScribe Label Software




 LightScribe Software for All Windows XP to 11

Some  of our recent Customer Feedback...





I received the toolbox CD yesterday and Thursday night I burned the first label to a CD. 


Burning the label was easy, even for a novice like me.  Everything I needed was in the toolbox. 


I am excited about being able to burn directly to the disc!!  No more paper labels for me!!  


Thanks for such a priceless toolbox. 


Audrey Cato 

Texas - USA 


Dear Steve,

Great product and so easy to use. I got more for my money that I was expecting.

Felix Negron
Colt Refining Inc.
Merrimack - USA




As a photographer LightScribe is a marketing tool. Your product has just saved the day! 


Sharon Orienter

Rochester - USA




I got the software and it works great, I love it. I made 2 CD’s within the first 1/2 hr after installation.


I couldn't be more happy. 

Thanks for the great price too, nowadays money is tight, but 17 dollars for software that includes so much, and so easy to use is worth every penny. 


Thanks again. You can quote me if you want.


Janet Menchyk - USA

Dear Steve,  


Got your product. WOW works great and sooooo easy. Best 17 bucks I have spent in a long time.


It works so good I don't need Tec support so I am just sending this Email to say Hello and thanks.


Jim  Smith – USA


Hi Steve 


Thanks for helping me out. I now saved the link in my favourites as you had instructed, and have successfully loaded the software.


It is wonderful and easy to use, thanks for making it simple for the non-tekkie! 


Don Kiefiuk – USA 




Thank you for the professional site. It was a really great experience to see something so easy, direct and informative.


The “Big Guys” have missed the point on customer service. You really have hit the mark.


Tom Karl – USA


Hi Steve,


Thanks for the GREAT product. It's products like yours that make using my computer a lot more enjoyable!


I was burning my first LightScribe disc label about 20 minutes after I got home.


Thanks for the disc tip, the next time I buy disc, I'll be sure to get Verbatim.


Dennis Coleman – USA


Hi Steve


Like you I was expecting to simply use Nero 7 to print LightScribe Labels but oh no!


Now thanks to yourself and this superb software I am merrily printing away.


Many, many thanks and keep up the great work.


George Douglass - UK




Product is great; worked exactly as advertised.


Money well spent. I’ve been making labels all afternoon. Thanks.


Peter Macey – USA




I installed Vista, lost Light Scribe, and could not figure out how to get it back in, even after getting a firmware update for my cd/dvd drive.


Installing your stuff put the driver back in and now even my Nero software finds it.  Thanks a bunch!


Patrick Davis – USA




Thanks for the email. I have not had a chance to scour it all, but I was able to create a quick disk that looked awesome, so thanks for everything.


Your toolbox has everything anyone would ever dream of needing to make some awesome LightScribe labels, I just loved it.


I personally think its well worth the investment, 100 times over.


Pat Ferrell - USA


Hi Steve,


I purchased your software and a LiteOn  20x DVD RW Dual Layer Super  Drive.


Your software works just great and the LITEON drive burned a magnificent image right out of the box, first try! I couldn't be happier.

Thanks a million.


Charlie Scott - USA


Hi Steve


I have just scribed my 1st CD label - It's idiot proof.


If I managed to use it so can anyone! Thank you.


Belinda Chalk – UK




Very nice package! Exactly what I was looking for!


Edward Adams Jr.– USA


Hi Steve


I am delighted with your software.


I wish you a Merry Christmas and a fantastic New Year from us in South Africa.




Manfred Ahrensmeier – RSA



I just want to let you know that I received the CD.  I had no problem installing the software.

Thank you for the refund of the LS Download.

It's a pleasure doing business with you. I’ll pass the word around.

Thank You!

Hector Barrientos 

Abilene - USA



Your software works simply awesome!

I burned a pretty complex background and it was so simple.

I can't wait to get more elaborate with it!

I will recommend this to anyone I know with a lightscribe drive!

Chuck Hammond - USA