Better LightScribe Contrast


LightScribe labeling has two shortcomings...

1: LightScribe labels are not dark enough.

2: LightScribe labels are not full color.

Below I show you the four ways to get better LightScribe contrast, getting the dark LightScribe labels we all desire.

As for color labels, solving this problem is way beyond me and probably anybody else...

LightScribe labels are created by 'burning' an image (and/or text) onto a specially prepared disc. The LightScribe layer reacts to the light emitted by the laser in a LightScribe drive and changes the color of the pigment on the disc in relation to the varying contrast of the image being burned.

So any attempt to increase the contrast of a LightScribe label must work with the strengths and weaknesses of the LightScribe.


1: LightScribe Control Panel

The first thing you must do is to set the contrast in the LightScribe Control Panel to Enhanced...

LightScribe Control Panel


The LightScribe control panel can be opened from either the icon in the desktop taskbar...

LightScribe Control Panel in Taskbar


Or from the start menu...

Start Menu


When you launch it go to the Settings Tab and change the default setting for LightScribe Contrast to Enhanced.

LightScribe Contrast Settings


This completes the first step in achieving better LightScribe contrast.

If you do just this one step your LightScribe labels will be about 30-40% darker.

Please Note:

This is a 'one time only' operation. Once the LightScribe Contrast settings have been changed you never have to use the LightScribe control panel again...


2: LightScribe 'Print' Setting

The next step in creating darker LightScribe Labels is one you probably already do. However just in case I will outline this very simple LightScribe contrast essential...

No matter which Lightscribe labeling software you use you will always be offer three print settings.

To illustrate I will use the good old LightScribe Template Labeler...

 Darker LightScribe Labels with the Template Labeler

I will not here go through the label design process as all we are interested in is how to increase the contrast of our LightScribe labels. So to that end I will go straight to the 'print screen'.

LightScribe Print Contrast Level


Here we can see the 3 options:

1: Best

2: Normal

3: Draft

It goes without saying but I'm going to say it anyway... ALWAYS use BEST!

Now putting together both Enhanced Contrast setting AND the Print Contrast setting we get a significant improvement in LightScribe Label contrast.

As much as 100% depending on the depth of contrast in the original label image.

Please Note:

There is a 'cost' to all this getting a darker LightScribe label and that is the time it takes to burn the label. The following LightScribe contrast diagram illustrates the variation achievable.


LightScribe Contrast Diagram


3: Maximize LightScribe Label Design Contrast

This next way to increase the contrast of your LightScribe labels is in fact the most 'complicated' of the four.

The reason LightScribe labels suffer from poor contrast in many cases is the fact that the original photos or images used to create the label are themselves lacking in definition.

The way to overcome this and hence create darker LightScribe labels is to alter the brightness and contrast of these original 'images'.

To do this you will need either a separate image editing program and/or LightScribe labeling software capable of manipulating the images one they have been imported into it.

Please Note:

The LightScribe Toolbox contains both of these. A great graphics program to edit your images and LightScribe labeling software capable of further enhancing you images if necessary.

Below are the results of using 'Original' photos to create a LightScribe disc and the difference altering the brightness and contrast makes:

Low Contrast LightScribe Label


High Contrast LightScribe Label

And the proof of the pudding is in the final disc...

The Best LightScribe Software Creates Great LightScribe Labels...


4: Multiple Prints

Finally if you have done all of the above and you are still not happy with the quality of your LightScribe label then you have one final trick up your sleeve...

Burn the label again...

LightScribe has the unique ability to multiple burn the label and in doing so darken the LightScribe image with each successive burn.

To do this in the LightScribe print options choose the number of times you want the label to be burned...

Multiple LightScribe Prints

Please Note:

The CD/DVD will probably eject between print runs, just close the burner's tray and carry on...

The multiple burning of LightScribe labels is achieved because the ring in the center of the LightScribe disc contains position information to enable the image to be repositioned exactly each time it is burned.

The downside of re-burning is of course the time it takes to burn the label again.

If quality is of paramount importance and time is not an issue then this final step in conjunction with the other three will create discs you will be proud of.


And Finally...

Please be aware that because of the difference in the thickness of the LightScribe coating on CD's and DVD's (DVD's being thicker...) that LightScribe DVD's will always burn 'lighter' than LightScribe CD's.

So pay particular attention to contrast when you are labeling a LightScribe DVD, what may be fin on a CD may not on a DVD.


I hope the forgoing has been helpful in your quest to create great LightScribe labels. Do remember I welcome any and all comments from fellow LightScribe users so email me with any thoughts you may have.


Here is to your continued LightScribe Labeling Success...

Best regards,

Steve Nelson

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