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 From Steve’s LightScribe PC…


Dear Friend…

Picture this...

It's time to create a LightScribe label for that special family video, or the collection of treasured photos you want to give to your grandchild, but when the time comes, is this what happens?

You spend hours staring at a blank screen, frustrated, trying to think where to start?

Even when you have the basics decided, do you then agonized over how to turn them into the perfect label?

You sometimes really wish you’d spent more time paying attention in art and design class at school?

If so you are not alone, I have felt all of the above and more besides...


Creative Mind Block...

The thing is, I do not believe I'm uncreative, and neither are you...

It’s just, when faced with a stark white page or a blank label, my mind seams to freeze and what creativity is in there, well it just refuses point blank to come out.


There Must Be A Better Way...

I knew there must be a better way. An easier way, a simpler way for people like you and I to create professional high-impact LightScribe labels, without the need for expensive graphics software like Photoshop and a Degree in design to be able to use it.

Now thankfully there is...


678 Universal LightScribe Templates

678 LightScribe Templates

This Template Collection can be used in any LightScribe labeling program with the exception of the Free Template Labeler.

Please go to this page on our sister site for the LightScribe Template Labeler Templates

These templates can be used 'as is' or customized with your own text to create your own unique personal labels.


All These LightScribe Templates are Included

The Templates cover many themes:

  1. Adventure and Vacations
  2. Animals and Pets
  3. Athletics and Sport
  4. Business and Commercial
  5. Gardening
  6. Food & Drink
  7. Hobbies and Pastimes
  8. Family And Friends
  9. Nature And Outdoors
  10. Music And Recording
  11. Special Occasions
  12. Weddings

And many more…

For example, here’s what just 27 of the Wedding Templates look like.


27 LightScribe Wedding Templates

The Actual Templates are 976x976 or 1200x1200 pixels


But that's not all...

In addition to the 678 LightScribe Templates you also get:

100 Photo Backgrounds – Great if you want a beautiful photo quality label background.

125 Media Icons – These can be added to any template design.


So Are these LightScribe Templates for Everyone...


If you have no problems coming up with ideas for your designs and can get those ideas organized so that you are happy with your finished label, then you don't need these LightScribe Templates...


If, even occasionally you are stumped for ideas, or just need a starting place to launch your creative process... Then for $9.95 this Universal LightScribe Template Collection will enable you to create stunning LightScribe labels you can be proud of...


Just To Recap...

You will receive:

678 Universal LightScribe Template Designs

100 Photo Backgrounds

125 Media Icons

You will get them in a downloadable file as soon as you finalize your order... You will have them to use within 10 minutes of clicking the order button below.


100% Risk Free Purchase

 100% Totally Risk Free


You can trust these LightScribe Templates to do a great job

Only $9.95

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Steve Nelson of

Steve Nelson

P.S. My Personal LightScribe Support…

Please remember, should you need any help or advice you'll get direct access to me via my email address, so personal LightScribe help and advice will be just an email away.


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Some  of our recent Customer Feedback...





I received the toolbox CD yesterday and Thursday night I burned the first label to a CD. 


Burning the label was easy, even for a novice like me.  Everything I needed was in the toolbox. 


I am excited about being able to burn directly to the disc!!  No more paper labels for me!!  


Thanks for such a priceless toolbox. 


Audrey Cato 

Texas- USA 


Dear Steve,

Great product and so easy to use. I got more for my money that I was expecting.

Felix Negron
Colt Refining Inc.
Merrimack - USA




As a photographer LightScribe is a marketing tool. Your product has just saved the day! 


Sharon Orienter

Rochester - USA




I got the software and it works great, I love it. I made 2 CD’s within the first 1/2 hr after installation.


I couldn't be more happy. 

Thanks for the great price too, nowadays money is tight, but 17 dollars for software that includes so much, and so easy to use is worth every penny. 


Thanks again. You can quote me if you want.


Janet Menchyk - USA

Dear Steve,  


Got your product. WOW works great and sooooo easy. Best 17 bucks I have spent in a long time.


It works so good I don't need Tec support so I am just sending this Email to say Hello and thanks.


Jim  Smith – USA


Hi Steve 


Thanks for helping me out. I now saved the link in my favourites as you had instructed, and have successfully loaded the software.


It is wonderful and easy to use, thanks for making it simple for the non-tekkie! 


Don Kiefiuk – USA 




Thank you for the professional site. It was a really great experience to see something so easy, direct and informative.


The “Big Guys” have missed the point on customer service. You really have hit the mark.


Tom Karl – USA


Hi Steve,


Thanks for the GREAT product. It's products like yours that make using my computer a lot more enjoyable!


I was burning my first LightScribe disc label about 20 minutes after I got home.


Thanks for the disc tip, the next time I buy disc, I'll be sure to get Verbatim.


Dennis Coleman – USA


Hi Steve


Like you I was expecting to simply use Nero 7 to print LightScribe Labels but oh no!


Now thanks to yourself and this superb software I am merrily printing away.


Many, many thanks and keep up the great work.


George Douglass - UK




Product is great; worked exactly as advertised.


Money well spent. I’ve been making labels all afternoon. Thanks.


Peter Macey – USA




I installed Vista, lost Light Scribe, and could not figure out how to get it back in, even after getting a firmware update for my cd/dvd drive.


Installing your stuff put the driver back in and now even my Nero software finds it.  Thanks a bunch!


Patrick Davis – USA